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 20th of November

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PostSubject: 20th of November   Mon Nov 20, 2006 1:20 pm

So it's the 20th of November. Mr. Dabada, have you never been mellow? You leave me alone. Let's get down, little bitch, make it better. That's the way I like it. I found a butterfly in my trip machine while it was lighting my fire (uks remix of course), so I'm paranoid. Get up n move now, or else you'll be brilliant to you. Let them move, I think ya better D. Make a jam, hero, for I believe in miracles. Put your faith in me, then stomp to my beat, uhh...dub-i-dub. If you were here, we would go to el ritmo tropical. Tubthumping love, I just gotta have it. Celebrate 5.1.1. before the genom screams, or you make me e-motion, Dr. Love. You make me melt in my arms, overdoser. Dam dariram in the xanadu, captain jack. If we took the holiday, we could get afronovas and then boom boom dollar. Do it all night and follow the sun, if you can say goodbye. Mr. Wonderful, it's the end of the century, so go to a dynamite rave. After the game of love, your Face is Ba Kkwo. Tell me tell me do you love this feelin'? Wa....gentle stress. Get up, or I'm gonna eat you up. It only takes a minute, only you. Walkie talkie, what can I do? I'll be young forever if you call me at 123-4007. Don't you know I'm gonna burnin' the floor? Don't stop, I can't stop fallin' in love. Boys, boys be my boy. Furuhata is in a hypnotic crisis. Be for you. Cafe, you've broken my heart. I was the one to get healing vision, hot limit. In the heat of the night, let's talk it over. Mr. T, swing it and do the twist; do the tribal dance. I justify my love for my sweet darlin'. Max300imizer don't have sexmaxxunlimitedimizer with your thelegendofmaxeximizer. Little boy, share my sweet sweet love^2 sugar magic candy. I want to take you back to 1998. Battle breaks with Chaos. Fascination maxx goes drivin' with DoLL. The Healing-D-Vision feels just like it should, that fascination.
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20th of November
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