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 the EPIC journey of a sad sad man

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PostSubject: the EPIC journey of a sad sad man   Mon Nov 13, 2006 5:56 pm

so one day i was uh you know chillin out in the Bethel Park rollin in my moms car lisinin to like some Eazy-e jammin out to boyz in the h00d and liek i was like wTF whwere are we going and my mom was like teh WTF W"ER GOING ON VACATION TEH NOOBer!! i lol'd hard but anyways we went out to cali to see my old friends at bungie which i hadn't seen in a while so then they were like hey uh dude would you mind like trying out halo 3 tell us what you think so i was liek oHKAy noobs i guess since i ahve nothing else to dooo lol, so liek im playing it and i was like hey yo this FPS (frame per seconds for all j00 noobs out there) is uh pretty lame and the gameplay is schloppy, and they were like okay we're going to go fly you out to your homeboys in south central LA JAPAN!! to go see ya know koanamie and i was like FIIIIINE
so anyways, i played MGS4 it was pretty legit much better than that halo shit, so i uhh beat it in 4 hours and decided to walk home VIA China and Russia then i uh fast passed to uh Amerika and was liek mmmmmmoooooooooom pick me uP@!@!!! end of story

you guys suck

lol lol jk jk jk jk seriousyl JKJKJKJK
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the EPIC journey of a sad sad man
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